Shift boot surround to suit 5 speed conversion Nissan S15 (200SX/SILVIA) – (Suits 5 and 6 Speed)


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This shift boot surround has been designed with the 5 speed conversion in mind. When installing the 5 speed gearbox the gear stick hits the factory shift boot surround. This shift boot surround has a much larger opening allowing the 5 speed to freely change gears. The surround also fits the 6 speed.

This surround is colour matched to the interior of the Nissan S15 making it look like an OEM part.

A shift boot clip is included with the surround to match it and is much stronger than the OEM shift boot clip, using metal bolts, washers and nuts to secure it in place.


The optional shift boot is handmade by us using faux leather and has a small section of hook and loop on the back side to close around the shift boot retainer (not included).


2 options are available:

1. Shift boot surround and clip only (including nuts, bolts and washers)

2. Shift boot surround and clip + shift boot (including nuts, bolts and washers)



1x Shift boot surround

1x Shift boot clip

12x bolts

12x washers

24x nuts

(optional) 1x shift boot


Note: Minor assembly is required, the shift boot, shift boot clip and shift boot surround are installed the same way as in the video below. The shift boot surround in the video is the original surround, not this product.

Additional information


Surround and clip, Surround and clip + shift boot


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